A student at University of Wisconsin has been barred from campus after three women accused him of rape. His lawyer railed against a politically correct culture that just accepts what women say blindly about rape, and hopes people wait for the facts before hurting his client.

Because when you’re talking about criminal trials for rapists, it’s really their feelings we should be the most concerned about.


Half of the world’s wildlife has disappeared since the 1970s, with elephants, wolves, salamanders, and hundreds of other animals affected, according to a new environmental report. According to the report, all of these disappearing animals are due to human activity.

One scientist who asked not to be named, pointed out that The Beatles also broke up in the 70s, and everyone blames Yoko Ono and suggested we just blame all the animal deaths on Yoko, too.


The BBC recently asked its readers, “Who’s cooler now, the Apple Mac or Microsoft PCs?” in a story about all the new computers coming out this year.

The answer of who’s cooler now is, of course, the guitar player strumming on the steps of your apartment building at 3.30pm in the afternoon.


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