Recently, a story from last December has come to light. A priceless Roman statue at the British Museum had one of its thumbs knocked off by a waiter who ran into it. The story is getting covered the BBC, FoxNews, it seems like everyone is reporting on this story. It’s one of the number one stories on CNN right now.

Thank goodness we have crack investigative journalists covering mishaps like this, otherwise, the front page of would be covered with links about the Native Americans in South Dakota trying to protect their water from oil fracking, and who wants to hear about that? Ugh!


Uber recently released a 98-page report recently, and predicted that within a decade, we’ll have electric, flying cars that can get us around traffic and dropped off at 200 miles per hour! They imagine a future of flying, driverless robot cars.

Still not possible in the present, an Uber Driver’s labor union.


Ryan Collins, the guy who stole usernames, passwords, and nude photos of more than 600 people, including lots of women and celebrities, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He apparently did this by pretending to send emails to people that appeared to be from Google or Apple email addresses.

REMEMBER: if you get an email from Apple or Google that says, “Hey, can you send me a topless pic for research?” think twice before you do.

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