This is another really serious thing I wrote the week after the election and posted on Facebook. So, just repeating this for anyone who missed it last time


New York is where the FBI is headquartered. Eric Garner, one of the first names on the victim list of Black Lives Matter, was killed here by NYPD who all received ‘War on Terror’ training. And Trump says he’s going to commute to the White House from here.

We can’t let the city fall the hands of another Guilianni, no Republican mayors, no Trump surrogates.

We also can’t give into fear.

So, we need to build an idea, the City of Liberty. Principles, demands, whatever you call them. We have to make sure that de Blasio understands those principles, and understands that the size of the voting cohort who can re-elect him expects him to follow those principles, and deliver the promises. I would argue that those principles would be based on social justice.

In this election, we had ~57% participation. That means that (for lack of a better term) blue voters outnumbered red voters 4:1.

In the 2013 election for mayor, we had ~25% participation. That meant blue voters outnumbered red voters by ~3:1. On that front, if we have sort of normal levels of participation from the 2013 voters, but 2016 levels of participation from the Trump voters, it falls to 2:1. If the Democrats in New York who sometimes gravitate to Giuliani’s or Bloombergs, do the same, that ratio could fall. If New York Trump supporters felt emboldened, and the Republican Party in New York …

But there’s something more important at stake. People need hope. We have the statue of liberty. She has words, written on a tablet, a promise to immigrants and everyone here. She’s ours. We need to keep her promise. If Trump wants to live here while he’s President, he needs to do so on OUR terms.

I’ve been going and joining every group I can to spread the message. I am waiting for people to tell me I’m wrong. I think, for lack of a better term (and apologies for saying this publicly on Facebook) that it’s the most important first step in the resistance.

New York City, and New York state, will be a sanctuary. A Beacon of Hope.

A city of liberty. If everyone who voted here this year, votes next year, we can make it happen. If we don’t. Well.

City of Liberty.


Every time I sit down to write jokes, I end up writing some long serious pondering instead. If you caught this on Facebook earlier in the week, my bad for repeating it!


When you’re in a confrontation, and thinking about it later, always look at it through the eyes of the other person. Make sure you understand what they saw. And, this is just as important, make sure you then understand what you saw, in that moment.

Did the person see you as an enemy? As a friend who betrayed them?

Could the person have been in pain? Had they gone through a day where every person around them belittled them, or betrayed them? Do you know?

It takes a strong heart, with a deep well of compassion, to do this. But it’s nothing special in the end. We’re human. We’re wired to be able to do this, if we let ourselves.

Not every person you really see is your friend. Some people really do just want to hurt you. I have a lot of friends who live in a kind of constant vice grip because of this. If you know what that grip looks like, you can see it when it’s on other people. That person in pain, screaming at you, they might just have a vice grip you can’t see. That grip might be one you

But the more you can truly see yourself and other people, the better you make the world, one day at a time.


I wrote this a few days ago, just posting this today for anyone who missed it the first time. It’s about how to prevent another election where the Electoral College results overturn the results of the popular vote.


There’s two ways to do this.

(Plan A) Constitutional Amendment – requires 3/4 of the states to ratify

(Plan B) “Loophole” – each state enacts a law, that says it will reward its electoral college votes NOT to the winner of the popular vote in their state, but to the winner of the overall national popular vote. If you can get enough states to agree, specifically, if you get states that add up to 270 electoral college votes to agree, then effectively the popular vote becomes the election winner, and the rest of the states can come along if they like, but aren’t fully necessary to be relevant. That lack of relevancy would put pressure on their state legislatures to do the same thing, however; the fight would then be over the very coded notion of ‘State’s Rights.’

To do either, you need to win a lot of local elections. The next round of redistricting is in 2020. It’s effectively 2017 right now. So, you have to make sure you know what those states that add up to 270 electoral college votes are. You need to make sure they have (1) Governors who agree to this compact and (2) have state legislative majorities that will also agree.

I’d also argue that accomplishing Plan B would also make Plan A a bit easier to accomplish, so that the loophole is no longer necessary.

Good luck! It’s a good idea – and offered the above to help you or anyone pursuing this. There might be other ways, too, but those are the two most rock solid paths.


I missed posting to Facebook yesterday, just slipped my mind. I didn’t have any jokes, anyway. Just a lot of brooding dark thoughts and stuff. I’m marching with people again and I’m feeling anxiety every time I go out.

I don’t know what it is, and admit this is a bias, but a lot of the people I’ve met over the years screaming the loudest about fighting have never been in a fight in their entire life. Like, never taken a punch, or given a punch, or seen their own blood on someone else’s hands.

Like, they’ve seen a lot of TV shows, and documentaries or whatever, but have never had a tear gas canister blow up in their face, or carried a stranger away that needs medical attention, or watched a colleague get their face split open, or any of a number of horrible things. I’ve known a lot of people over the years who talk big games about getting in the street, but who never show up when the chips are down. The sort of folks who get other people hurt, because they’re all about other people making sacrifices on their behalf.

I am afraid when I go on marches, now. I do it anyway, unless my warning lights go off. I don’t know if those warning lights are right or wrong, but I know that stuff I saw and did during the Bush years gave me a perspective, right or wrong.

I’m not afraid or worried about me, though. At all. For multiple reasons, I’ll be fine. What I’m worried about are the people around me who may not have a clue, and who might scatter at the first sign of trouble and get someone hurt. I’m worried about the kids with all the bravado who break something, and then scatter so they won’t get in trouble. Like, the white kids who show up at a Black Lives Matter march wearing a bandana over their face, screaming, “Kill the NYPD!” who then run away, leaving behind an older black lady carrying a sign asking for justice.

I have no intention of being some kind of leader. All I want to do is help who I can, as much as I can, and do what I think works.

Every person I respect, including the old ones who fought for the rights that we take for granted, say the same things, that the key to all resistance is organizing, which is really a sharp word for community. Sometimes, it’s about choosing who to follow, and support, and a lot of the time, that’s the most important choice you can make in times like these.


I’m not sure why I’m writing this. Let me rephrase. I started writing these dumb jokes to practice writing dumb jokes. I shared them publicly to just put the stuff out there.

I don’t want to give up on this. But, this reminds me how I felt after September 11th. I was working on making comic books at the time. Just scripts, my art didn’t match well with the kind of comic book stories I was trying to tell at the time. And the day after September 11th, it felt really trivial.

But then, I am a big fan of Sullivan’s Travels. That whole movie is about a guy who makes comedy, and thinks it’s all fluff and meaningless, realizing that helping people laugh is a worthy effort.

I’m not sure if these Daily Dumb Jokes are working. But I know there’s no dumb joke today. I could barely get through reading the news! I imagine some of you are feeling the same way.


Twitter has been left red-faced after it briefly suspended its CEO Jack Dorsey’s account! A whole bevy of Twitter accounts were accidentally suspended late Tuesday before being restored.

The reasons for the suspensions aren’t clear, but don’t worry, I’m sure your favorite racists are still on Twitter, getting ready to harass Leslie Jones and other women right quick!

NASA recently said that it almost, once again, discovered life on Mars. This time, the almost proof was in the form of silica deposits that are formed into shapes similar to shapes produced by microbial life on Earth. NASA has been on a hunt to find life on Mars, or perhaps, to absolutely close the door on there being any life on Mars.

“We’re just checking that the place is really empty. We may need to move to Mars sooner than we planned at this rate,” said a NASA spokesperson.


The Trump Foundation recently admitted to a bevy of criminal violations, including violations of IRS rules. Some of the violations include illegal campaign contributions to the Florida attorney General in exchange for ending lawsuits against Trump University, and self-dealing. Self-dealing is the illegal practice of using a charitable foundation for personal enrichment.

In response, most US media, the Trump administration and other Republicans have called for further investigations into the Clinton Foundation.


Happy Almost Thanksgiving! Here’s hoping you enjoy tomorrow’s obesity feast with abandon!


CNN’s Laura Bates recently wrote an OpEd about the empowerment of secret racists, sexists and bigots that a Trump Presidency has already brought to the country.

Writing for CNN, she said, “A man who has called women pigs, dogs and slobs, who has discussed underage girls in a sexual manner, who has joked and boasted about sexual assault, who has smeared Mexicans, who has twice been sued over racial discrimination, who led the “birther” movement and who suggested that Muslims should not be allowed into the country, has a real chance of becoming the next president of the United States.” Her overall point? That Trump’s insults embolden America’s secret sexists.

In response, most reasonable Americans said, “Pretty sure they aren’t secret, anymore.”


Italian scientist Francesco Sauro has discovered a huge cave in Venezuela that contains a rare mineral called rossiantonite. The mineral is formed from bacteria that’s been cut off from the rest of the world for potentially millions of years, and may contain secrets of evolution.

“Caves are witness to geographic history,” he says. “Sometimes, it is the life that’s hidden away in the dark that is the most intriguing.”

In a related story, Sauro is reportedly beginning study on hidden depths of Steve Bannon’s soul to discover what’s hidden away in the dark, there. Wear a protective suit Dr. Sauro!


Kellyanne Conway recently appeared on MSNBC and said that President-elect Donald “Lawsuit Walking” Trump’s administration will not pursue further investigations of Hillary Clinton related to her private email server or the Clinton Foundation.

“I think when the President-elect, who’s also the head of your party, tells you before he’s even inaugurated that he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone, and content” to fellow Republicans, Conway said in an interview on MSNBC’s

When asked if he was still planning to ban Muslims and deport other undesirables from the country, Conway reportedly said, “Uh doy doy doy, DUH! Of course! ARE YOU A MORON?”



In the, “you never know,” file, log this one, there’s MORE oil in Texas! Yes, geologists say a new survey shows an oilfield in west Texas dwarfs others found so far in the United States, according to the US Geological Survey.

The Midland Basin of the Wolfcamp Shale area in the Permian Basin is now estimated to have 20 billion barrels of oil and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas, according to a new assessment by the USGS.

No word yet on when US forces are planning to invade to secure the oil resources.


Did you hear about that recently discovered tribe in Brazil? Yes, aerial photos recently taken in Brazil’s remote Yanomami indigenous territory found a ‘lost’ tribe hat is estimated to be home to around 100 people.

The village, which is close to the Venezuelan border, has a typical Yanomami ‘yano’ – a large communal house for several families that can be seen in the images. Each of the yano’s square sections is home to a different family, where they hang their hammocks, maintain fires and keep food stores, according to tribal advocacy group Survival International.

Strangely, while the tribe has been cut off from all civilization for thousands of years, locals on the ground reported that the tribe was well-informed about Hillary Clinton’s email problems over the 2015-2016 news cycles. “We don’t have emails, but we understand they are very bad things for some reason,” said one member of the tribe.


President-Elect Donald “Walking Corruption Machine” Trump was in the news again this weekend, as his failed Trump University settled civil claims of $40 million for $25 million over charges of defrauding students. Trump University regularly scammed working class students out of tens of thousands of dollars for real estate courses created by Donald Trump promising riches that failed to deliver.

In response to this, the media spent most of the weekend talking about ‘Hamilton’ and whether or not theaters are safe spaces.