Arby’s recently introduced a ‘Venison Sandwich’ in select cities to help kick-off fall Deer hunting season in various states. Reportedly, they sold out of the sandwiches on the first day.

Also reported was that in the same cities, antidiarrheal medication sales hit record highs!


A Trump supporter caught on camera yelling “Jew S-A, Jew S-A” during a recent Arizona rally insists that wasn’t what he said. When shown the tape with him on it, shouting, he said, “That wasn’t about Jews, you’re taking me out of context.”

Later, that same supporter was seen sitting on the chest of a protestor, smacking the protestor in the face with their own hand and saying, “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!”


Ohio Governor John Kasich did a write-in vote for 2008 Republican nominee John McCain for President instead of for 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump. Kasich wrote in McCain’s name at the top of the ticket on his absentee ballot.

When told by a senior staffer that Ohio voting rules don’t allow citizens to write-in the candidate of their choice and have their vote counted, Kasich reportedly covered his ears and said, “nanny nanny boo boo I can’t hear you!”