Several Republican Congressman have already said that after Hillary Clinton wins they plan on impeaching her. And Senate Republicans are already promising not to allow any Supreme Court nominees she makes through the Senate. They’re all promising a “Constitutional Crisis” if she wins the most votes.

Asked to translate this into old-timey 1930s gangster movie speak, the Republicans said, “Nobody vote for the broad, see, otherwise the country gets it!”

Val Kilmer had to go to social media recently to let everyone know that he doesn’t have cancer. Apparently, a former costar of his told people that Kilmer had cancer. So, Val Kilmer definitely doesn’t have cancer.

Unknown at this time is whether or not Val Kilmer still has a movie career. That one was kind of mean. I like Val Kilmer, though. He’s a weirdo!


Y’know, there’s two things that happened recently that are sort of interesting. The KKK’s official newspaper, because racists need official newspapers I guess, just endorsed Donald Trump for president, because he’s a racist. And at the same time, polls are starting to show the lead between Trump and Clinton getting so tight that he could possibly win.

Ah, America, where we landed on the moon, invented the internet, and then just went, “Ah, screw it,” and got really, really stupid and said, “Ah, let’s just let the racists be in charge again, what could go wrong?”