Fox News anchor Bret Baier apologized on Friday for reporting that the FBI was going to indict Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after the election over her emails. Baier said that after checking his sources there actually is no indictment, or evidence, that the FBI is even investigating a crime in the first place. He apologized for reporting a story with no factual basis.

As of this report, there are still no apologies for the other 100+ stories on the Fox News homepage right now.


Did you know that Donald “It’s Not a Combover” Trump has a secret online political weapon? Yes, it’s Cambridge Analytica, a British company that does tailored, online ad targeting, to help candidates win over voters, one-by-one. They create psychological profiles, then release ads on Facebook, Twitter, all over the internet, and then tailor an ad to that person’s profile, so they get a custom message and ad to convince them to vote Trump. They did a lot of work for Ted Cruz during the year, including before the Republican Primaries, before they went to work for Trump.

If Cambridge Analytica’s ad campaigns are as successful for Trump as they were for Ted Cruz, I think we can all expect President Hillary Clinton in 2017.


In related news, it turns out that the Trump campaign has so far paid over $5 million to Cambridge Analytica for their work. Trump’s hotels use products from China, his ‘Make America Great Again’ uses imported fabrics, so they’re not really made in the USA, and his online stuff is outsourced to Russian hackers and British ad agencies. Even his suits, and the “Trump” ties he wears, are made overseas.

But one thing we know for sure, all the overt racism he’s brought out in his supporters is 100% made in the USA, so great job Trump!