Did you hear about the ruckus yesterday at Donald Trump’s latest rally? Yeah, the secret service had to rush him off-stage when the crowd shouted “gun!” The Trump crowd was just pounding on a guy up front before security got there. Trump came back a few minutes later and went on with his speech. But it turns out there was no gun, it was just a registered Republican guy with a sign that said “Republicans Against Trump.” The crowd shouted “gun” as they were trying to take away his sign and beat him up.

I guess it’s true what they say, there’s nothing more dangerous to some folks than the truth!


Speaking of Trump, it turns out a lot of people thought that Sign Guy was an Assassin! Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted out that his dad had survived an assassination attempt. Kellyanne Conway defended the assassination attempt comment, even though the ‘assassin’ was just a guy with a sign who the crowd beat up.

What do you expect, I guess, Donald Trump Jr. is a guy who thinks using semi-automatic weapons to shoot Lions in Africa is a good use of time, so, probably not the best judgement on that guy.


Y’know, STILL speaking of Trump, it looks like there’s good news for him about support among African-American voters! Yeah, really, it looks like Trump is on track to double former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Presidential loser Mitt Romney’s support among African-American voters, according to a series of state polls. Trump is going to DOUBLE Mitt Romney’s African-American vote totals!

So, looks like not 1, but 2 black folks are voting for Trump this year!