A 132 year old forgotten shipwreck was recently found by the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society. The J.S. Seaverns, a passenger ship that sank in 1884, was found by the group in Lake Superior.

Still Missing as of this writing: Democratic Party Unity. Lots of angry letters and facebook posts out there! Hard to imagine why.


Did you hear about this latest letter Michael Moore wrote? Yeah, the day after Hillary Clinton’s electoral college loss, he posted a facebook message with a 5 point plan for improving the Democratic Party’s chances. Among the points of his plan, remind everyone that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, fire everybody in the Democratic Party, and start over. His plan was getting shared at a rate of 30,000 per hour for a while there on Facebook!

As of this writing, no word yet on whether he has figured out a plan to get more people to watch his movies.

Too soon? Maybe too soon.


Went on a break for a few days from this, it might be hard to explain why, it’s not like anything unusual or potentially world ending happened.

I’ll fess up. It’s obvious why I stopped this for a few days. Stubbed toe. It will heal!