Beloved singer, songwriter and all around artist Leonard Cohen died at the age of 82. Cohen was known for his poetic and lyrical music, including the “Hallelujah” which at least two bands you like probably covered.

Ironically, his last 14th and perhaps last studio album released on October 21st was titled, “You Want It Darker.”

Not really Leonard, no, we don’t really want it darker now.

FYI: Some reliable sources say that everyone should just get ready to be randomly punched in the stomach several times in December, because hey, 2016 is just that kind of a year.


It’s November, which means it’s almost time for Thanksgiving and for a lot of great new movies to come out on your favorite streaming services, both new and classic films! Batman Vs Superman is coming to home streaming screens, ‘The Crown’ (a biopic about the Queen of England) is coming to Netflix, Good Will Hunting returns to screens on Hulu, and Minority Report is coming back to HBO this month!

FYI: That’s Minority Report the Tom Cruis movie, not Minority Report the thing that Trump’s incoming cabinet is working on right now.


Did you hear the latest about Russia and the Trump campaign? Several members of Vladimir Putin’s staff, including a top diplomat and Putin’s spokesman, said they were in regular contact with Trump’s campaign up until the election. Right around the time the Democratic Party had accused Russia of hacking into their systems. The Trump staff denies all of this and any assertions related to it.

Then again, the Trump team keeps telling us, yes, that is Donald Trump’s hair and not some elaborate comb over, so, maybe take that with a grain of salt.


Thanks to our troops, and hope you’re having a quality time with people you like on this Veteran’s Day!