No jokes today. Here’s an email I wrote to Rachel Maddow instead …


Dr. Maddow,

For the love of God, I hope you can get your colleagues to shut up and listen to you. They are living in a bubble, and you’re one of the few who seems to understand the historic, dangerous, deadly path the country is on right now.

You’re also one of the few that didn’t talk about the ‘death of the Republican Party’ – whenever I hear ANY in the media, especially MSNBC, talk about that? I basically assume the opposite is true, now. It’s one of the most foolish ideas of the last 16 years of politics in our country. There is no sign the Republican Party is dying. On the contrary, there are plenty that it has changed into a White Nationalist Party that has no intention of letting go of power. As far as they are concerned, they will NOT be doing any dying. White Nationalism has no intention of dying.

As for the rest of us? Well, all I know is, I live in cosmopolitan New York City, and I look just outside of the city, to upstate New York, and I see young people painting swastikas, with joy.

Thank you for your show. I have no idea if you and Chris Hayes get along, but you’re the only two who seems to understand the here and now in any meaningful way.

Thank you Dr. Maddow. I will always stand up for you.