Whoa, Democrats are fired up because Vice President-elect Mike “Conversion Therapy” Pence is embroiled in a legal challenge stemming from his decision to withhold emails from the public. Yeah, Pence is trying to shield all of his emails as Governor of Indiana from public view.

After reading about this, I assumed the email story was about Secretary Hillary Clinton for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on …


Man, what a year for fake online news media, but it looks like the party might be over now! Facebook and Google have publicly declared that they are taking steps to undermine the business model used by fake news publishers. The tech giants will no longer allow fake news sites to use their ad-selling services. Facebook also said they will not place ads from fake news publishers on third party apps or websites, because the content falls under the broader category of “illegal, misleading or deceptive” content.

No word yet on when either outlet will stop supporting ads on Fox News.


Did you see that video, of the cow jumping off the ship in Ontario, Canada? Yeah, a ship was leaving port, and a cow jumped off, and swam to shore, trying to get to freedom.

Reportedly, someone told the cow the ship was headed for the United States before she jumped.