I wrote this a few days ago, just posting this today for anyone who missed it the first time. It’s about how to prevent another election where the Electoral College results overturn the results of the popular vote.


There’s two ways to do this.

(Plan A) Constitutional Amendment – requires 3/4 of the states to ratify

(Plan B) “Loophole” – each state enacts a law, that says it will reward its electoral college votes NOT to the winner of the popular vote in their state, but to the winner of the overall national popular vote. If you can get enough states to agree, specifically, if you get states that add up to 270 electoral college votes to agree, then effectively the popular vote becomes the election winner, and the rest of the states can come along if they like, but aren’t fully necessary to be relevant. That lack of relevancy would put pressure on their state legislatures to do the same thing, however; the fight would then be over the very coded notion of ‘State’s Rights.’

To do either, you need to win a lot of local elections. The next round of redistricting is in 2020. It’s effectively 2017 right now. So, you have to make sure you know what those states that add up to 270 electoral college votes are. You need to make sure they have (1) Governors who agree to this compact and (2) have state legislative majorities that will also agree.

I’d also argue that accomplishing Plan B would also make Plan A a bit easier to accomplish, so that the loophole is no longer necessary.

Good luck! It’s a good idea – and offered the above to help you or anyone pursuing this. There might be other ways, too, but those are the two most rock solid paths.