Every time I sit down to write jokes, I end up writing some long serious pondering instead. If you caught this on Facebook earlier in the week, my bad for repeating it!


When you’re in a confrontation, and thinking about it later, always look at it through the eyes of the other person. Make sure you understand what they saw. And, this is just as important, make sure you then understand what you saw, in that moment.

Did the person see you as an enemy? As a friend who betrayed them?

Could the person have been in pain? Had they gone through a day where every person around them belittled them, or betrayed them? Do you know?

It takes a strong heart, with a deep well of compassion, to do this. But it’s nothing special in the end. We’re human. We’re wired to be able to do this, if we let ourselves.

Not every person you really see is your friend. Some people really do just want to hurt you. I have a lot of friends who live in a kind of constant vice grip because of this. If you know what that grip looks like, you can see it when it’s on other people. That person in pain, screaming at you, they might just have a vice grip you can’t see. That grip might be one you

But the more you can truly see yourself and other people, the better you make the world, one day at a time.