This is another really serious thing I wrote the week after the election and posted on Facebook. So, just repeating this for anyone who missed it last time


New York is where the FBI is headquartered. Eric Garner, one of the first names on the victim list of Black Lives Matter, was killed here by NYPD who all received ‘War on Terror’ training. And Trump says he’s going to commute to the White House from here.

We can’t let the city fall the hands of another Guilianni, no Republican mayors, no Trump surrogates.

We also can’t give into fear.

So, we need to build an idea, the City of Liberty. Principles, demands, whatever you call them. We have to make sure that de Blasio understands those principles, and understands that the size of the voting cohort who can re-elect him expects him to follow those principles, and deliver the promises. I would argue that those principles would be based on social justice.

In this election, we had ~57% participation. That means that (for lack of a better term) blue voters outnumbered red voters 4:1.

In the 2013 election for mayor, we had ~25% participation. That meant blue voters outnumbered red voters by ~3:1. On that front, if we have sort of normal levels of participation from the 2013 voters, but 2016 levels of participation from the Trump voters, it falls to 2:1. If the Democrats in New York who sometimes gravitate to Giuliani’s or Bloombergs, do the same, that ratio could fall. If New York Trump supporters felt emboldened, and the Republican Party in New York …

But there’s something more important at stake. People need hope. We have the statue of liberty. She has words, written on a tablet, a promise to immigrants and everyone here. She’s ours. We need to keep her promise. If Trump wants to live here while he’s President, he needs to do so on OUR terms.

I’ve been going and joining every group I can to spread the message. I am waiting for people to tell me I’m wrong. I think, for lack of a better term (and apologies for saying this publicly on Facebook) that it’s the most important first step in the resistance.

New York City, and New York state, will be a sanctuary. A Beacon of Hope.

A city of liberty. If everyone who voted here this year, votes next year, we can make it happen. If we don’t. Well.

City of Liberty.