YOUR DAILY DYSTOPIA | 2016.12.01 – 2016.12.31

I haven’t had the heart to write a daily dumb joke and share it since Thanksgiving. I’m going to recharge my batteries and decide, “Is this worth doing?”


If you think of the world as this orderly place, vast conspiracies make sense, at a very fundamental level. Because, a vast conspiracy requires order (lots of it, at various levels) to achieve. If you think of the world as this chaotic place, filled with change, vast conspiracies become impressive in the face of that chaos.

You also see a different mechanism for people to act in concert; namely, self-interest. Enough people with self-interest that overlaps can accomplish a lot; in some ways, arguably, more than a command-and-control style conspiracy that a lot of people believe in. It’s almost like the clockwork orderliness of God in the old world got replaced in our culture with the clockwork orderliness of some conspiracy or other.