Yesterday, in a stunning grassroots effort, hundreds of thousands of people flooded the US Congress with calls, asking them to keep the independent Congressional Ethics Committee intact. And it worked! Trump even sent out a tweet saying that the timing looked bad.

Naturally, Trump was given the credit for the change of heart by the Republican Congress in stories published by CNN, NPR, NBC, The New York Times and a whole host of publications. Great job US News Media!


Did you hear, in Washington D.C., Republicans in the US Senate, the US Congress, and the President-elect himself are eager to make their years-long dream of repealing Obamacare come true. But, some Republicans are worried about fully repealing the Affordable Care Act because they don’t have a replacement ready, and are worried that the move to repeal is now going too fast.

This is sort of like being at a bar with a friend who keeps complaining all night that they want to go, and then, like, when everyone decides to go the complainer says, “What, NOW? I just got a beer! Can’t we wait?” Some people’s kids, man.


105 year old cyclist Robert Marchand just set a new record for the furthest distance cycled in one hour by riders over 105 years old. The French cyclist managed 22.547km (14 miles) at the national velodrome, taking the top spot in a new category.

Marchand told the press he “could have done better,” but he missed a sign showing 10 minutes to go. He also complained that his arms were hurting because of rheumatism.

Pfft, old people, always complaining!


Happy Wednesday!

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