I’m at the Women’s March today! We left super early. I don’t know how many people will be there, but I hope it’s a lot of folks, at least twice the number of people who went to the inauguration.

Donald Трамп’s taking the weekend off, and from his view, he starts the job on Monday.

He’s going to be a rubber stamp, until he isn’t. He wants military parades, aggrandizement, and rallies.

If I am wrong in four years, in eight, about what’s happening, what’s coming. Good.

But be cautious around people who think this is normal, or who think this is some kind of event that’s just ‘what happens when one side wins and another loses.’

This is different, with historic precedent in other countries.

Never forget, too, that …
– 3 million more people voted for Clinton than Trump
– The majority of people in America reject Trumpism right now
– it only takes a dedicated base of approximately 3.5% to make a political movement that takes power

That last point is how the Tea Party, a small minority in the U.S., came to wield so much power.

It’s not impossible to fight this. But the biggest value that I would argue our generation needs to drop is our desire to snark at times that demand sincerity. We have to find a new way, that’s about getting involved. About getting into the game, instead of standing on the sidelines and commenting.

So, while it’s kind of fun and cathartic to write dumb jokes about Donald Трамп, I’m looking forward to the day when he’s the punchline in stories about being our worst former President.

Happy Saturday! See you at the march!

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