Popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп is seeking a tax on goods imported from Mexico to pay for his border wall, as a way to get Mexico to pay for his wall.

When someone pointed out that taxing imports from Mexico means that U.S. citizens and companies buying from Mexico are technically paying for the wall, Трамп reportedly said, “Well, we’ll just deport all of those folks afterwards to Mexico, then they’ll technically be Mexican citizens, I win, and by the way, if you buy at Taco Bell, that counts folks, that absolutely counts. Buy one of my hats, folks.”


A recent survey found that 36% of American voters approve of Трамп’s performance in his first week as President, while 44% say they disapprove.

The remaining 20% are on the ground, in the fetal position, saying, “He’s really President He’s really President He’s really President,” over and over and couldn’t select an answer on the phone to indicate their opinion.

In a related story, 36% of American voters regularly huff gasoline for fun.


Members of the LGBTQ community are unsure of employment protections in the new regime of Donald Трамп. In July 2014, President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13672 prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Obama’s action amended Lyndon Johnson’s executive order (EO) from 1965, which barred discrimination on the basis of race and sex, color, religion and national origin.

Трамп promised on the campaign trail that he will continue to protect LGBTQ rights.

So, there’s your answer folks! Better lawyer up.


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