Studies have suggested that cat ownership could be linked to certain mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, but researchers at University College London say they found no link between cat ownership and the development of psychotic symptoms.

In addition, in a hastily added footnote, the study claims that cats do not possess the ability to put owners and other people under hypnotic mind control in order to force them to do the bidding of cats.

The lead researcher in the study replied to questions about the veracity of the last element of the report by email, writing, “adkla; this reeportt IZ GUD NOT DUN BY PEEPLE UNDER CAT MIND CONTROL dogz suck buy more wett fud adf123123”


Speaking of mental health problems, popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп spoke out Tuesday about 68 plus bomb threats and other harassment received by Jewish Community Centers in United States in the past six weeks.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect said the Трамп administration has embraced anti-Semitism by waiting six weeks to comment, and by removing references to Jewish people in its International Holocaust Remembrance Day statement last month.

“The President’s sudden acknowledgment is a Band-Aid on the cancer of anti-Semitism that has infected his own administration,” the group’s executive director, Steven Goldstein, said in a social media post.

Bizarrely, Трамп’s remarks on anti-semitism on Tuesday were made while speaking to reporters at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.

Sources indicate that Трамп will comment on the plight of African-Americans at a local Taco Bell, and will make comments about Japanese Internment camps as soon as he can find a synagogue.

An anonymous source said the best way that Трамп could root out hate and prejudice and evil would be to resign, but, hey, what can you do?


Y’know, speaking of racist jerks, did you hear what’s happening to a biracial couple in Stamford, Connecticut? Heather Lindsay and Lexene Charles are an interracial couple living in Stamford, whose house has been the repeated target of racist graffiti. Their neighbors also shout the n-word at them from time to time. Despite repeated requests to police to investigate, so far, the Stamford police have been unwilling to help, and have gotten nowhere investigating the source of the racist attacks.

Over the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day last month, someone defaced their garage by painting the n-word on it. Fed up with a lack of police action, the couple decided to leave it in plain view until the police respond to the crime and discover who did it.

In response, Stamford’s police department cited the couple for, “blight,” and said if they don’t take the grafitti down, they face a fine of $100 day.

In addition, local sources say the local police chief is planning to sit on the chest of Lexene Charles then use his hands to smack Charles while demanding he, “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself,” until the couple agrees to pay the fine.

It’s a grand life in Trumpistan 2017 folks!


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