In the, “Трамп is a conspiracy theorist,” file comes this weekend’s story! Popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп accursed former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Трамп Tower in 2016. When asked for proof, the White House asked Congress to open an investigation into the matter.

Where could Трамп have gotten the idea? Talk Radio!

Talk Radio host Mark Levin said this past Thursday that former President Barack Obama and his allies have mounted a “silent coup” against Трамп using “police state” tactics. The next day, Rush Limbaugh echoed Levin’s “silent coup” language, and Breitbart columnist Joel Pollak published an expanded version of Mark Levin’s made-up silent coup story. The Breitbart information was talked about in the White House, and then Трамп got angry, and tweeted his accusations against President Obama. Strangely, he didn’t talk about fake news or attack the media as he had been doing.

Maybe in the case of Levin, Limbaugh, Pollak, InfoWars, Alex Jones, Brietbart, and a host of conspiracy theorists websites that literally make things up then tell each other the made-up thing they made-up is true, Трамп was on to something about some folks in the media being purveyors of Fake News.


Speaking of horrifying conspiracies hiding in plain site, USA Today recently conducted a poll and found that 63% of Americans see Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election as a serious issue.

When you look at trusted news sources, among those voters who trust CNN, 89% said Russian meddling is serious and 94% want an independent investigation. Among voters trusting FOX News, 60% said it wasn’t very or not at all serious and 67% said there shouldn’t be an outside investigation.”

As a reminder, those who listed Fox News as one of their news sources had overall lower levels of knowledge on the factual questions according to a study from last summer.

Who knew that the older relative that sends you that email with the subject “Fw:Fw:Fw:re:FW:FW OBAMA IS SON OF MUSLIM ALIEN BIGFOOT!” is less-informed and trustworthy than the rest of America?


Speaking of fake news made up by older white guys, some analysts believe that popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп may have committed libel by publishing his claims about Barack Obama on Twitter.

“He’s basically stating that Mr. Obama committed crimes, and to state that somebody has committed a crime when it’s false is clearly defamatory,” said Benjamin Zipursky, who teaches defamation law at Fordham University Law School in New York.

When asked about the possibility of Трамп being sued for libel by Barrack Obama, a White House spokesperson said, “I’ll sue YOU!” When asked, “Pardon?” the spokesperson said, “I’ll sue YOU, and YOU, and YOU AND YOU! And then you can’t come over to my birthday party, and we were going to have ICE CREAM CAKE and you can’t have any because you’re going to get sued!”

When asked, “Um, is this President Трамп trying to disguise his voice?” the spokesperson said, “Fake News, that’s Fake News!” then immediately hung-up.


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