In the, “People need to understand this is a big deal,” file, it turns out that popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп knew that General Michael Flynn needed to register as foreign agent BEFORE he was hired as National Security Advisor. If you recall, General Flynn resigned his post because he lied to Vice-President and possible head vampire Mike Pence about conversations he had with Russian ambassadors.

Flynn was being paid by the government of Turkey, meaning, the Трамп’s National Security Advisor was a foreign agent while doing the work. In addition, during the time General Flynn was being paid by the Turkish government, he also paid $28,000 to former FBI assistant deputy director for international relations Brian McCauley in the summer and fall of 2016. If you recall, in the fall of 2016, Agent McCauley claimed to the press that he had been involved in a quid pro quo relationship with a former Clinton State Department official.

Many pundits are assuming Donald Трамп will rant on twitter about Obama being the driving force behind chemtrails sometime Saturday afternoon in response to this web of lies and corruption.

Sources at the White House deny that Donald Трамп will rant on Twitter Saturday afternoon, and say he will likely rant about something Obama related Saturday morning.


Speaking of felonies, lies, deceit, and human depravity, White House Press Secretary and punchline Sean Spicer was hit hard with questions about popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп’s claim that President Obama had wire-tapped him.

When asked if he knew the Justice Department and no agency had evidence and had been presented evidence of wire-tapping, Spicer said, “I’m not aware,” or, “We’re not aware,” 10 times to this basic question.

In related news, no one in America is aware if Sean Spicer has any dignity left.


Speaking of human beings that are supposed to be aware of what’s going on that have no idea what’s going on, it turns out that the new State Department under Secretary of State Rex “Exxon is Russia’s Best Friend” Tillerson had no idea that Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray was meeting with senior White House aides.

The secretary of state typically receives foreign diplomats during visits to the nation’s capital, but Secretary Rex “I Literally Had a Medal Pinned on Me By Vladimir Putin’ Tillerson has spent most of his time in silence, smiling for photos of him shaking hands with people.

When informed by the press that Secretary Videgaray was at the White House, State Department acting spokesman Mark Toner could only respond, “We’ll take that and get back to you. I was unaware that he was – the foreign minister was in town.”

As a reminder, popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп lost a billion dollars in Casinos in the 90s during a time that the industry saw record growth, so, basic competence from his administration is probably too high of a bar to set. Make America Great Again!


Things are moving really fast. Pick your battles, find the things that matter to you, and pitch in, especially locally. One person can make a difference, and that one person could be you. With enough effort, all of us together, means we could force hearings to happen. When people in government repeatedly say, “I was unaware,” in multiple agencies, it’s a sign of incompetence or corruption, and sometimes both. No one should stand for that.

Technically I’m sitting while I’m typing this, but, I mean metaphorically, no one should stand for that. I mean, okay, I think I do mean it literally. I’m standing now while I type the rest of this sentence. I guess I should have stayed sitting, because, I said, “We shouldn’t stand for that.” The people at the table are looking at me. I raised one eyebrow at someone, smiled, and then gave a thumbs up. The guy sort of sighed and went back to his typing.

Anyway, don’t stand for it, but stand up for yourself! The more of us who do, the more likely it is we win. I’m sitting back down now, but I’m standing up when it matters. Except for just then, a minute ago. You know what I mean.

Have you done your part today? If not, take a moment to decide what to do, how you can help, and pitch in! Maybe pitching in for you means telling me I’m dumb, go for it! Whatever it is, make your time count!

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