There’s a big hearing going on in Congress today about popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп’s claims that he was wire-tapped by President Obama.

Representative Adam Schiff asked NSA Director Mike Rogers if he requested the UK’s GCHQ to gather intel on Трамп. Rogers replied, “No sir, we didn’t ask the UK to spy on Trump.”

Later, FBI Director James Comey was asked by Schiff, “Director Comey, was the president’s statement that Obama had his wires tapped in Trump tower a true statement?”

Comey responded, “With respect to the President’s tweets … I have no information that supports these tweets.”

The White House says that Трамп is planning to release tweets that support his earlier tweets, based on some information he says the Microwave told him in confidence this morning.


Speaking of Russia, the Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov is back on patrol off the U.S. Eastern Seaboard again, sailing just 20 miles south of the U.S. Navy’s submarine base in King’s Bay, Georgia. It was last seen heading north back to Connecticut.

Reportedly, the ship is listening for ticket release information on Broadway in New York City, and is on a mission to score tickets for Hamilton.


A recently released United Nations report said that Norway is the happiest country on Earth. Norway has oil wealth, per capita income of $100,000, low unemployment and has a gap between rich and poor that’s one-third as large as the United States.

John Helliwell, one of the author’s of the report, said, “Countries at the bottom end of the rankings typically have low values of all six of the key variables — income, health, social support, freedom, generosity and absence of corruption.” He was motioning at a picture of popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп as we spoke. Helliwell continued and said,”They also include countries afflicted by internal and external conflicts or still trying to recover from past economic, political and civil disruptions,” as he tapped the photo of Трамп for emphasis.

Helliwell also let the journalists know that among their findings, in richer countries the biggest source of unhappiness is mental illness as he used a black magic marker to circle Трамп’s picture over and over again.


If you had said in 1997 that one of the most important statements from the FBI to a Congressional hearing in 2017 would begin, “With respect to the President’s tweets …” people then would’ve assumed that the President was tweeting like a bird, and had gone nuts.

Hopefully our 2017 selves will wise up to what would have been obvious to us twenty years ago.

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