The regime of popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп has started publishing vague lists of crimes that ICE has alleged were committed by illegal immigrants. The lists are not comprehensive lists of crimes committed in those areas, nor are they inclusive of every immigrant group; crimes committed by some nationalities are excluded.

Y’know, at this point, an equally long and more useful list would be, “What each member of the Трамп regime has lied about.”


Speaking of yet more dumb things being done in our name, the regime of popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп has ordered a ban on passengers from select Middle Eastern and North African Airports from flying with electronic devices. The order is causing confusion throughout the airline industry, as people try to figure out which airlines are being ordered to ban what devices owned by which people from who knows how many countries.

No word yet on whether Microwave Ovens will also be included on the electronic device ban list.


The regime of popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп is engulfed in a numerous scandals, gaffes and horrific policy decisions. Most of the scandals around Трамп revolve around various lies and obfuscations his regime has made around contacts with the Russian government. FBI Director James Comey testified yesterday that Russian intelligence agents infiltrated both DNC and RNC computers and definitely hacked the 2016 US Presidential Election. While Russian intelligence agents released portions of the DNC emails to various outlets, there was no subsequent release of RNC material.

So, of course, the Трамп regime announced that Secretary of State Rex “I’ll Die of Old Age Before Climate Change Effects Me” Tillerson planned to skip what would have been his first official meeting with NATO in April, in favor of a series of unspecified meetings in Russia.

When asked if Secretary of State Rex “I need a nap so I can’t do my job” Tillerson is aware of how bad the optics look that Tillerson is skipping a NATO meeting to visit Russia, Sean Spicer reportedly sputtered and fell into the fetal position.


Tilly gotta get that oil money into his pocket quick before the wheels fly off the Трамп wagon!

And you? If you have a moment, call your Representatives and your 2 Senators, and let them know that the ICE lists are unamerican!

Have you done your part today? If not, take a moment to decide what to do, how you can help, and pitch in! Maybe pitching in for you means telling me I’m dumb, go for it! Whatever it is, make your time count!

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The airline electronics ban is already causing confusion and frustration

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