Officials in the regime of  popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп are planning to restart the war in Afghanistan, with a potential US troop increase in between 3,000 and 5,000 soldiers.

White House officials are hoping that restarting the war in Afghanistan will boost Трамп’s poll numbers by 5 to 10 points.


Former Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates testified to the Senate yesterday and said told the White House that General Michael Flynn’s lies about meeting with the Russian ambassador made him ripe for blackmail. The White House didn’t fire General Flynn until 18 days after that meeting, after the story had made national news.

When asked about why they had ignored Yates warnings, a Трамп regime spokesman rolled his eyes, made a jerk-off motion, and said, “Chicks, amIright?”


Human right’s lawyer Moon Jae-in won South Korea’s presidential election Tuesday after his two main rivals conceded. President Moon told his supporters, “I will build a new nation. I will make a great Korea, A proud Korea. And I will be the proud president of such a proud nation.”

When informed of Moon Jae-In’s electoral victory, Donald Трамп looked skeptical and said, “Wait a minute, that’s not the President of Korea, the President of Korea has a bowl cut and looks like one of the three stooges.”


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