Defenders of popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп, including current National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, have been talking to journalists and making one message abundantly clear; Трамп did not leak any classified information to Russian government officials.

This morning, Donald Трамп went on Twitter and said that he did indeed share information with Russian government officials.

Reports say that later this afternoon, Republican lawmakers will shrug and walk away from as many reporters as possible.

Sean Spicer will reportedly return to his hiding spot in the White House bushes to read comic books.


Speaking of Donald Трамп and Russia, it turns out that former Трамп campaign manager Paul Manafort took out a $3.5 million mortgage through a shell company just after leaving the campaign, but the mortgage document that explains how he would pay it back was never filed — and Manafort’s company never paid $36,000 in taxes that would be due on the loan. Without a mortgage notice, there’s no public record that the borrower owes money.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a White House spokesperson said, “Listen, straight up, The Kush and the other Трамп kids are selling U.S. citizenship to rich people for $500,000 a pop, Трамп has been walking around a in Judge Dredd helmet screaming ‘I am the Law’ and NOBODY has gotten a second scoop of ice cream in weeks. Just … put this on the scandal pile, over there, next to the email server.”


Meanwhile, in the alternate universe of Fox News and Conservative reporting, there’s a growing scandal about Hillary Clinton. Yes, according to Fox5 DC, Hillary Clinton had a DNC staffer, Seth Rich, murdered because he leaked emails to Wikileaks.

The source for this bombshell? Rod Wheeler, who according to Fox News is a private investigator hired by the Rich family. In the story, Wheeler says he believes that Rich’s computer has information about this, and that he has a strong feeling that Rich was murdered.

So, let’s pause there for a second … a guy says he has a bad feeling, and this is reported by Fox as a fact. And the source is Rod Wheeler, a man who in 2007 said that Lesbian gangs armed with pink guns were raping young girls in Washington D.C., who then had to retract those lies publicly and apologize for making it all up.

And Seth Rich’s family? They released a statement through a spokesperson that rejected Wheeler’s claims. They also noted that Wheeler was “paid for by a third party” and under his contract had been “barred from speaking to press” without explicit authorization from the family.

So, naturally, Fox News is reporting on Трамп’s Russia information leak JUST KIDDING of course Fox News is reporting multiple sources are talking about a cover-up of a murder. Of course, Fox failed to mention that the multiple sources are just a bunch of websites repeating the same fake claim from a serial fabulist.

I guess the one bright spot in all of this, if you could call it a bright spot, is that the fabulist in question isn’t Трамп this time. Although, give it a few days, I’m sure he’s going to demand FBI resources get to the bottom of this fake mystery.


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