The Montana special election for their lone seat to Congress took a strange turn yesterday when Republican candidate Greg Gianforte assaulted reporter Ben Jacobs of The Guardian. Jacobs was attempting to get a quote from Gianforte about his support of the Affordable Health Care Act after the recent revelation from the Congressional Budget Office noted that at least 23 million people will lose their health insurance because of the bill.

After asking a few questions, Gianforte then put Jacobs into a chokehold, threw him to the ground, then kicked and punched him. Gianforte has been charged with assault.

Supporters of Gianforte at first tried to claim the attack was simply fake news, noting that a TV crew was in the room and didn’t say anything. The TV crew later backed up Jacobs account of his assault, at which point, Gianforte supporters claimed that all of the media is fake media, except of course for Fox News. It was then revealed that the TV crew worked for Fox News, and were there specifically to record a segment for Fox News host Brett Baier about the Montana special election.

Today’s take from Gianforte supporters is that fake liberal news media deserves to be assaulted. And the national desk at Fox News is ignoring their own reporter’s statements.

In the meantime, Democrat Rob Quist is considering his options on who he could punch or kick in order to get his name into the headlines.


Reporters and political pundits around the country, including the milquetoast stalwarts of NBC news, are reeling as they try to find the hottest possible take on Montana Republican Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte’s assault of reporter Ben Jacobs last night.

And NBC may have come up with the hottest take, by claiming that this assault by a Republican Congressman is a sign of a problem with our politics in general and that this move actually hurts Democrats in the end.

Later in the day, NBC News is planning to run a series on victims of Domestic Violence called, “It Takes Two To Tango.” The subtitle of the new NBC News series is, “Yeah, I know that guy hit his wife but she really had it coming!”


Meanwhile, popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп has launched a series of robocalls today in support of Greg Gianforte’s efforts to win the lone Montana seat to Congress. Robocalls are illegal in Montana, but that hasn’t stopped Трамп from doing it anyway!

The message doesn’t make reference to Gianforte’s assault on The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs, but given that Montana went for Donald Трамп, a man who himself sexually assaulted a People magazine news reporter, in the 2016 Presidential Election this could be the thing that puts Gianforte into the Congress!



Speaking of incompetence, in the wake of the devastating attack at an Ariana Grande concert that killed 22 people, including several children, and injured 59 others, the United Kingdom has suspended intelligence sharing with the United States.

The reason? US officials working for the regime of popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп released the suspected bomber’s name and other details of the investigation, against the wishes of British investigators scrambling to keep details of the probe confidential as they look to root out a potential terror network. British Prime Minister Theresa May will raise with Donald Трамп later today.

When asked about the source of the leaks, a White House aide speaking on conditions of anonymity said, “I have no idea,” while casually pointing to a picture of Donald Трамп.


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