CNN reported on information from unnamed sources that Russian government officials discussed having potentially “derogatory” information about popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп and his cronies during the 2016 election, according to two former intelligence officials and a congressional source. According to the sources, the information was intercepted by U.S. intelligence sources.

The information was apparently financial in nature and would give the Russian government leverage over Трамп. It’s also possible that the Russian intelligence sources made up the information as part of a broader counter-intelligence operation for an unknown purpose.

A reporter for Your Daily Dystopia called the White House for comment, and asked, “Wouldn’t this all be cleared up if Donald Трамп simply released his full tax returns for the last ten years?” The anonymous White House staffer said, “Yeah, the problem with releasing his tax returns would be that it would totally prove what the Russians said about financial ties to be true OOPS, I gotta go, it’s time for Steve Bannon’s daily bath in baby blood.” The phone then abruptly hung-up.


Speaking of the White House, did you hear about the latest fast exit from the White House? After less than 3 months on the job, White House Communications Director Mike Dubke has abruptly resigned. Dubke was a founder of Republican advertising firm Crossroads Media of Virginia. He resigned on May 18th but stayed on until popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп came home from his first overseas trip as President.

Sources told NBC News that former campaign aides Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie may be brought back into the White House to help bolster the Трамп staff.

I guess this means Трамп will be talking about putting Hillary Clinton in jail again in the next week! Hey, email news is coming again CNN, get ready!


A few months ago, the regime of popular vote loser and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп completed a deal to move U.S. missile launchers into South Korea, with much fanfare and saber rattling at North Korea. The move helped raise tensions in the region, and angered both the North Korean and Chinese governments. Donald Трамп suggested at the time that Seoul should pay for the missile systems, which angered the South Korean population, many of whom didn’t want the missile system in the first place.

Between then and now, there was a peaceful movement to oust conservative South Korean President Park Geun-hye due to numerous corruption problems. Millions of people took to the streets, and then elected liberal Moon Jae-In to the highest office in the land.

Now, President Moon has begun a review of the deployment of the system, and could possibly order their removal based on the outcome of the review.

When asked for a comment, sources say Donald Трамп said, “You tell that guy, hey, you break it, you bought it, those missiles are out of the package, now, so they gotta pay for them. No refunds. So, you tell that Kim Jong Un kid, and yes, I know that Kim Jong Il his dad is dead, I was quizzed on this, so you tell that Kim Jong Uno that hey, you have to keep the missiles. And I have submarines off your coast right now!”

Трамп will reportedly eat 3 scoops of ice cream later to help soothe his nerves.


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