Republican House Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), was shot in the hip this morning during a baseball practice with members of Congress. Scalise, a white supremacist who once told supporters that he was “like David Duke without the baggage,” was shot by a middle-aged white male. The male is currently in police custody.

Scalise, a white supremacist who once told supporters that he was “like David Duke without the baggage,” was defended by Capital Police, two of whom were shot. One of the policeman, an African-American officer, apparently shot back at the attacker while wounded in the leg.

Steve Scalise, a white supremacist who once told supporters that he was “like David Duke without the baggage,” is reportedly planning later this week to continue advocating policies which make it easier to get guns and harder to get health insurance once people forget about this incident.

Other Republicans are planning to blame this incident on Democrats, somehow.


Have you ever noticed that whenever things like this shooting happen, there’s this almost instant call to, “not politicize the event,” and to, “give it a day or two,” before you can talk about anything, including gun control? Like, it sounds like a decent impulse, but think about it.

Like, someone in my neighborhood was shot a week ago. The rest of the country wasn’t really talking about gun control OR gun ownership in response to it. People in the neighborhood certainly did. That shooting in my neighborhood is still a pretty rare occurrence right now, but it’s not a rare occurrence in the United States. Like, people are being shot all the time, and dying from it. Violence overall is reducing in the United States. However, mass shootings are going up … so, you’re overall less likely to be killed by a gun in the United States than you would have been many decades ago. However, the number of incidents of mass shootings have increased. On top of that, the United States leads among other western nations in number of people killed by gun violence per capita.

But for some reason, the only politicization that’s allowed is Republicans (1) blaming Democrats and (2) saying there’s no need for gun control. Myself, I think it’s well-past the time to stop capitulating to the demand not to talk about shootings and what to do about them. The only thing that attitude serves is to maintain a slowly boiling status quo, where things get a little bit hotter day by day. If we don’t do our parts, eventually, that heat is going to boil over the pot.

Meanwhile, whoever is writing our reality is trying to give us clues. Scalise said that he was like a kinder version of white supremacist David Duke was defended by a black man, someone that Scalise himself, when outside of politie company, would say is a lesser person than he is. The supreme irony is that everyone injured, including the members of Congress, are going to get top-flight health care for their wounds which are thankfully not life-threatening. But if this had happened to the rest of us?

It might be like what happened in my neighborhood, a story that no one else knows or cares about. All of that is such a metaphor for right now that if you saw it in a TV show, you would roll your eyes and change the channel because everything was too heavy handed.

Let’s not change the channel today, okay?

Have you done your part today? If not, take a moment to decide what to do, how you can help, and pitch in! Maybe pitching in for you means telling me I’m dumb, go for it! Whatever it is, make your time count!

Republican House Whip Steve Scalise, congressional staffer shot in Virginia shooting

Steve Scalise reportedly said he was ‘like David Duke without the baggage’


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