Popular vote loser, Russian supported Presidential candidate and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп defended his son Wednesday as being “open, transparent and innocent” during his interview with Fox News and blasted the current Russia controversy as “the greatest witch hunt in political history.”

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Трамп believes his son is a witch!


Christopher Wray, Popular vote loser, Russian supported Presidential candidate and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп’s nominee to lead the Federal Bureau of Investigations, said Wednesday that he did not consider the probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election to be a “witch hunt,” disagreeing with the president’s own assessment of the matter.

“I do not consider Director Mueller to be on a witch hunt,” Wray said during his confirmation hearing Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

BREAKING NEWS: Christopher Wray says Robert Mueller is not a qualified Witch Hunter, denies President’s claim that Donald Трамп, Jr. is a witch!


Donald Трамп Jr. has tried to explain his contacts with the Russian government as standard opposition research into a political rival. But, as Richard Painter (former ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush) explained recently, that’s not opposition research. It’s espionage.

“It’s called spying, not opposition research,” Painter, said to USA Today.

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Трамп, Jr. is not a witch, but is instead the world’s dopiest spy!


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Trump defends embattled son, calls Russia controversy a ‘witch hunt’

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