Popular vote loser, Russian supported Presidential candidate and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” Tuesday if Pyongyang doesn’t stop threatening the United States. But can he launch a military strike on his own?

The only way to stop him would be if Congress asserted its authority and tried to stop him, so, I guess we can expect a new war any day now.


After a visit by a Canadian peace delegation sent by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pastor Hyeon Soo Lim, who had been serving a life sentence in North Korea since 2015, was freed on “humanitarian” grounds because of his health, the country’s state-run news agency said.

When told about the successful diplomatic effort, and how it shows the power of diplomacy with even the most despotic regimes, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, “Yeah, but, wars are more fun” before wandering away.


The whole world is urging calm in the face of escalating tensions that could lead to a nuclear war in Korea between North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il and North Queens Conman Donald Трамп.

South Korean authorities have urged Pyongyang to enter into dialogue to ease tensions in the region. The Vatican’s former diplomatic representative to the United Nations also appealed for dialogue. China urged North Korea and the United States not to “play with fire.”

In response, the two men with bad haircuts plan to toss matches around the office.

somehow, this is a little better


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