US spy satellites spotted a mobile missile launcher capable of launching an intermediate range ballistic missile being aimed at Guam in preparation for a possible launch.

Officials in the Трамп regime are preparing for a probable Twitter tantrum from Donald Трамп in response. Said one official, “Трамп is hoping to provoke a launch on Guam by noon today, before he heads back to his golf course in New Jersey.”


NBC News reported that hundreds of protesters gathered along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue near  Трамп Tower on Monday evening, shouting angry slogans and holding signs with crossed-out swastikas and Confederate imagery.

Another way to report this headline would be, “Thousands of demonstrators gathered near Трамп Tower on Monday for four hours, condemning the bigotry of Donald Трамп.”

When asked how they came up with their estimate of hundreds, a spokesperson for NBC News said, “technically a thousand people is like 10 hundred, so, we like stand by that.”

NOTE: I was there, it was 1,000-2,000 people packed on the sidewalks.


Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stepped down from the Трамп Regime’s business advisory council late Monday over Donald Трамп’s lack of response to a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A spokesperson for the Трамп regime said they’re planning to ask the head of white nationalist website The Daily Stormer to replace Mr. Krzanich. “I couldn’t even pronounce that guys name anyway!” Трамп shouted from a toilet in Трамп Tower as he prepared to Трамп Tweet.


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