Popular vote loser, Russian supported Presidential candidate and aspiring dictator Donald Трамп banned transgender people from the U.S. armed forces on Friday. He also banned the Department of Defense from providing medical treatment for transgender people serving in the military.

The US government will continue paying for whatever treatments are keeping Трамп’s hair alive.


Literal Hungarian Nazi Sebastian Gorka, a national security aide to Donald Трамп resigned on Friday according to White House officials.

Gorka is moving on to a new position in HYDRA as their North American Supreme Commander. As he left the White House, Gorka told reporters that, “Keptin America vill RUE ZE DAY he crossed SEB GORKA AND HYDRA!”


Donald Трамп pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his criminal contempt conviction stemming from Arpaio’s illegal racial profiling activities.

“We’re very clearly Making America Great Again for racists,” a White House aide said to reporters before she was yanked out of the room by Walking Dead Zombie Kellyanne Conway.


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Trump signs directive banning transgender military recruits

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President Trump pardons Joe Arpaio


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