South Korea’s air force has staged a live-fire drill simulating the destruction of North Korea’s leadership, hours after Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile over Japan.

Donald Трамп was very excited by the news, and said he was hopeful that a war with North Korea would generate bigger TV ratings than the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.


According to NBC News, special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is focused on Donald Трамп’s role in writing a response to a published article about a meeting between a Russian spy and his son Donald Jr.. Prosecutors want to know what Трамп knew about the meeting and whether he sought to conceal its purpose.

Kellyanne Conway dismissed the news, saying, “Everybody knows Donald Трамп can’t write.”


Houstonians received a sliver of good news Tuesday as Tropical Storm Harvey continued its easterly trudge toward Louisiana, easing the pounding rains that have swallowed the city.

Donald Трамп said he was happy about the new direction for the storm. He told reporters, “Y’know, Louisana, that was purchased from someone by a President. Did you know that? Fascinating. They have New Orleans, they have food with shrimp, it’s a great city. Football. Great city, great city folks. And now they’ll get some of the pounding Houston got. Let ‘em get pounded. Not that kind of pounded, folks, not that kind of pounded. Great city. We serve shrimp at Mar-A-Lago, too.”

Трамп eventually wandered away from the press conference and disappeared into a White House bathroom.


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South Korea holds live-fire drills that simulate destroying North Korea’s leadership

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