House Democrats sent special counsel Robert Mueller what they say is evidence that former national security adviser Michael Flynn failed to disclose a trip he took to the Middle East to explore a business deal with the Saudi government and a Russian government agency.

Reporters on the scene said Mueller sighed, rubbed his face, and just asked the House Democrats to, “Put it on the evidence pile, with everything else. No, not that one. Not that one. Not … you’ll knock it over, just. Here, give it to me. No, it’s fine. Give it to me, I’ll. I’m fine. I’ll deal with it. There’s just so much of this stuff, y’know?”


Officers Caesar R. Goodson Jr., Garrett E. Miller, Edward M. Nero, William G. Porter, Lt. Brian W. Rice and Sgt. Alicia D. White, all involved in Freddie Gray’s fatal ride in a Baltimore police van won’t face federal civil rights charges, the Justice Department said Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the office of Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III said, “Those lil’ scamps promised us they wouldn’t do it again. Good enough for us!”


The Supreme Court blocked a lower court decision that would have greatly expanded the number of refugees exempted from Donald Трамп’s controversial travel ban. Challengers countered on Tuesday that the court should not get involved in “ensuring that every possible refugee is excluded.”

In response, Donald Трамп repeatedly screamed, “Nuh-HUH! NUH-HUH! Yes they should! Nuh-huh!” It took four bowls of ice-cream before White House Chief of Staff John Kelly could restrain Трамп and stop his yelling.

Reports say that Kelly is hopeful that adding a nap to Трамп’s afternoon schedule will keep him calmer in the future.


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Dems to Mueller: Flynn failed to disclose trip to broker Saudi-Russian business deal

Justice Dept. Won’t Charge Six Officers in Freddie Gray Death

Supreme Court: No expansion of travel ban’s refugee exemptions


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