Having failed to repeal Obamacare, Donald Трамп has said his strategy would be to let the health law “implode.” And according to the Congressional Budget Office, Трамп’s promises to fail to make subsidy payments, along with reductions in advertising to inform people about the markets and employees who sign-up enrollees, will “push enrollment down,” according to the CBO. Millions may lose their health insurance due to the Трамп regime.

When asked what would push enrollment up for Obamacare, Трамп regime Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “I believe the correct answer is your mother,” before walking away from the podium.


Former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty of the first-degree murder and armed criminal action against Anthony Lamar Smith. Stockley escaped what could have been a lengthy prison sentence despite the fact that he was recorded on video saying he intended to kill Anthony Lamar Smith.

St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson, who presided over the racially charged case, was confused by people’s anger over his decision. Wilson told reporters, “Like, Stockley said he was just kidding when he was, like, in court. I mean, just because he said he wanted to kill the guy, then killed him, that’s not the same thing as first degree murder where you say you want to kill a person, then kill him if you’re only kidding.”


Congress sent a joint resolution condemning “racist violence” from “torch-bearing White nationalists, White supremacists, Klansmen, and neo-Nazis” in Charlottesville to Donald Трамп. Signing the bill would mean clearly rejecting white supremacists. Трамп choose to sign the bill, but added a ‘Presidential signing statement’ that ignored the main provision of the bill, that white nationalists were to blame for violence.

Reporters looking for answers to why Трамп added a signing statement found it when they turned the statement over and found a note that read, “P.S. David Duke me and you are still good booboo – D.T.”


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Trump wanted to hurt the Obamacare markets. The CBO says he’s a success.

Jason Stockley, Ex-St. Louis Officer, Found Not Guilty in Killing of Black Man

Faced with an up-or-down choice on Charlottesville resolution, Trump chooses third option


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