US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told CNN’s Dana Bash that Donald Трамп’s “fire and fury” comment to North Korea about its nuclear program was not an empty threat.

When asked for an example of an actual empty threat, Haley said, “Republicans voting to Impeach Трамп.”


Months after Donald Трамп threatened to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, states and cities across the country have introduced their own legislation, amendments and resolutions aimed at curbing carbon emissions that are in line with key tenets of the Paris climate pact.

“We’re really seeing a groundswell of activity,” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune told NBC News.

Activist Susan Sarandon then started a speech saying, “See, I was right! Look at how many people have woken up now that–” before someone dumped a pile of turkey manure on her.


Donald Трамп is spending tax-payer money to spend time at another one of his resorts this weekend. He’s also using the time to mock both Kim Jong Un and Hillary Clinton on twitter, describing the North Korean leader as “rocket man” and retweeting a gag video in which Clinton is struck in the back by a Трамп golf shot.

Aides say Трамп is later planning on asking Secret Service agents to run around the grounds of his Bedminster, New Jersey club while ‘Yakety Sax’ blares over the loudspeakers.


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