Donald Трамп told people during a dinner with conservative group leaders at the White House Monday that he was really pleased with how people are reacting to his statements on the NFL.

“It’s really caught on. It’s really caught on,” Trump said of his NFL comments.

White House spokesperson and possible Steve Bannon Horcrux Kellyanne Conway said in a statement that, “Every President since Lincoln has worked really hard to generate Television ratings, and Трамп is just following in a grand tradition.”

Conway later told reporters that Трамп is planning a secret White House wedding to boost ratings during sweeps.


Speaking of terrible people, Alabama’s Senate race for the Republican primary had front-runner Roy Moore brandishing a revolver on stage during a campaign event. Moore is supported by Steve Bannon, a human being made out of moldy spam who worked in the White House for a few months.

Donald Трамп himself has supported Luther Strange, the GOP incumbent.

A political observer on the scene described the situation as, “just everyone is awful. There’s no good guys, here. Imagine watching, like, Star Wars. But there’s no Han, no Obi-Wan, no Leia, no Luke, no Chewbacca … it’s just Jabba the Hutt fighting Greedo, while Emperor Palpatine plots against them both.”

Y’know, come to think of it, I might watch that movie. I mean, Jabba vs. The Emperor, that sounds great! Haha! Haha. heh. Yeah.

Anyway, the GOP is full of terrible human beings.


Equifax CEO and Chairman Richard Smith stepped down Tuesday, becoming the latest executive of the credit-reporting giant to step down following a massive cyberbreach that compromised personal information for 143 million U.S. consumers.

Smith will be appointed to the Трамп regime’s National Security Council to lead their investigation into Russian hacking efforts sometime in October.


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