Officials of the Трамп Regime are demanding the private account information of potentially thousands of Facebook users in three separate search warrants served on the social media giant, according to court documents obtained by CNN. The warrants specifically target users who are described by their attorneys as “anti-administration activists who have spoken out at organized events, and who are generally very critical of this administration’s policies.”

One of those users, Emmelia Talarico, operated the disruptj20 page where Inauguration Day protests were organized and discussed.

When confronted with the fact that the Трамп Regime is specifically targetting the free speech rights of American citizens to quell dissent, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “Yes, that is correct, that is exactly what we’re doing, uh no doy. NO DOY PEOPLE!” then walked off the stage.


Donald Трамп complained again recently about a Watergate-era reform law that prohibits American companies from bribing foreign government officials. The law in question is one that could ensare Paul Manafort.

Officials of the Трамп Regime are planning to request Congress introduce legislation that would exempt the Трамп brand from the law.

Huh. That last one doesn’t look like a punchline.


The Senate Intelligence Committee said President Trump’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner failed to disclose that he had used a private email address to conduct official White House business.

When asked why he didn’t disclose the private email, Kushner said, “Well, like, in some of those I was, like, talking about that pee tape thing with my wife, and like, I didn’t want anyone to know that I knew about–” before being whisked out of the room by the Secret Service.


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