Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) said suggested Wednesday that General John Kelly and James Mattis, as well as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are the “people that help separate our country from chaos.”

When asked who best represented chaos in Washington D.C., Corker coughed and pointed at a picture of Donald Трамп several times.

Donald Трамп met Wednesday with surviving victims of the Las Vegas shooting at University Medical Center in the city and left a message for the victims. “We’re with you 100 percent …And believe me, I’ll be there for them,” he promised.

After hearing the news, most victims are expecting to be abandoned within the week.


An investigation conducted by the Associated Press has found that North Korean slave labor has been used in the preparation of salmon sold in Walmart and other stores in the United States. North Korea exports slave labor to countries around the world, then uses the revenue to support its nuclear weapons programs.

Experts in the Трамп regime are currently working on ways to get the Трамп brand in on that game. “Maybe Donald Трамп could have his own, private nuclear weapons if he does the same thing? We’d be able to take care of that North Korea problem pretty quick with private nuclear weapons!”


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