Hurricane Nate was expected to be a Category 2 storm when it makes landfall overnight southeast of New Orleans.

Donald Трамп is expected to comment on the hurricane if it gets to Category 4 or 5 as a way to boost his flagging TV ratings.


Investigators trying to piece together why a gunman opened fire on a crowd of thousands of concert-goers in Las Vegas this week said they have chased down more than a thousand leads, but the motive in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history remained a mystery.

An anonymous source suggested that power fantasies related to white supremacy, in the struggle of a male psyche to comprehend that while he’s part of the dominant ethnic group, in a culture that values dominance, nonetheless fails to dominate the world in a way that matches what the culture values, due to rootless effects of patriarchy as a motive for the attack just caused investigators to blink, shrug, and move on.


In other news, Harvey Weinstein is a gross, misogynistic troll who sexually assaults women.

He’s expected to be named to the Трамп White House in November as head of women’s rights initiatives.


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Hurricane Nate due be a Category 2 storm at Gulf Coast landfall

Answer to Question in Las Vegas Massacre, ‘Why?’, Elusive So Far

Harvey Weinstein officially begins leave of absence; board vows ‘thorough’ investigation


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