Steve Bannon, a can of spam formed into the shape of a human that once worked for Donald Трамп, delivered a withering attack on George W. Bush Friday night. George W. Bush is a former President who was a warmonger, but then made paintings and got a high-five and a hug once from MIchelle Obama. Bannon questioned Bush’s intelligence during his speech, and said Bush’s presidency was the most destructive in U.S. history.

In related news, at that exact moment Donald Трамп said, “Hold my beer.”


More than a half-century after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Donald Трамп announced Saturday that he intends to release never-before-seen government files related to the investigation into Kennedy’s killing.

When asked why they made such a dramatic announcement, the White House pointed out that stories about Puerto Rico, John Kelly’s lies, Tрамп’s lies, and the botched decision making that led to deaths of U.S. soldiers in Niger had all fallen to the bottom of the pile now.


Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o described her sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein in the New York Times on Thursday.  On Friday, Weinstein issued a written response via Variety and said he had, “a different recollection of the events.”

On Saturday, people in New York City plan to kick Harvey Weinstein in the groin if they see him, to see if that will help his recall.


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Steve Bannon delivers blistering attack on former President George W. Bush

Trump to Allow Classified ‘JFK Files’ to Be Released

Harvey Weinstein responds, has ‘different recollection’ of Nyong’o harassment claims


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