Donald Трамп, a day after public and nasty fissures opened within the Republican Party, told reporters that the Republican Party was united.

“We have great unity,” Трамп said to reporters with a straight face.

Donald Трамп has also repeatedly claimed that his hair is real.


Former Air Force Colonel Noel Zamot was appointed Wednesday to oversee reconstruction of Puerto Rico’s hurricane-flattened electrical grid after a $300 million contract awarded to a 2-man Montana company Whitefish Energy Holdings, a small company whose owners are friends with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said the contract should be voided, and the company, which called her comments “misplaced.”

Also misplaced, the memo describing why a 2-man company from Montana got a contract to restore power to Puerto Rico!


According to an HBO Real Sports/Marist College poll, 51% of the country believes professional sports leagues should not require their players to stand for the national anthem.

In unrelated news, the Трамп regime says that they’re planning to revoke the citizenship of 51% of Americans as soon as they can figure out how.


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