Donald Трамп personally pressed for an FBI informant’s gag order to be lifted according to White House spokesperson Kellyanne Conway, despite the request being unethical.

Other things that are unethical that Trump does anyway includes going up to beauty pageant winners and pressing on them with his lips.


Recently declassified memos related to the JFK assassination include a note from J. Edgar Hoover written after Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald. In the note, Hoover says, “There is nothing further on the Oswald case except that he is dead.”

Still Classified: the memo where J. Edgar Hoover asks his staff, “How do I look in these pumps?”


Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world after a recent stock market rally. He’s worth $90 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

It still costs you $5 to ship a box of pens from Amazon, though.


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Conway confirms Trump wanted FBI informant’s gag order lifted

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world with $90 billion


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