After George Papadopoulos was arrested by the FBI, Donald Трамп described him as a “low-level volunteer.” During the 2016 campaign, however, Трамп described Papadopoulos, as an “excellent guy” for his foreign policy staff.

Aides believe that by Tuesday, Трамп will describe Papadopoulous as, “that guy on that old TV show, Webster.”


Donald Трамп also reportedly called George Papadopoulos as a “liar”

People on the scene reported that when Трамп made the comment, he was looking in a mirror.


John Kelly described Confederate War general Robert E. Lee as, “an honorable man,” and said that the Civil War was not fought over slavery, but over an inability to compromise.

Reports say that Kelly also believes that Adolf Hitler was just, “misunderstood.”


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Trump dismisses Papadopoulos as ‘low-level volunteer’ but once touted him

Trump Rips Mueller Target Papadopoulos as ‘Liar,’ ‘Low Level Volunteer’

John Kelly says Civil War was caused by ‘lack of the ability to compromise’; Twitter has words


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