Paul Manafort traveled to Russia at least 18 times prior to joining Donald Трамп’s Presidential campaign, and was in frequent contact with Vladimir Putin’s allies for nearly a decade as a consultant in Russia, according to a new report by CNN.

The White House says those trips were just to purchase Manafort’s favorite caviar, which he can only get from Putin.


Donald Трамп cut off weapons supplies to Kurdish fighters in Syria in a move to placate Turkey. Those Kurdish fighters have borne most of the fight against ISIS in Syria.

Donald Трамп was confused by the need to placate Turkey, since earlier in the week he had already pardoned two Turkeys for Thanksgiving.


Richard Cordray stepped down from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau friday, and named Leandra English, the agency’s chief of staff, as deputy director. Under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform act that created the bureau in the wake of the 2007 recession, the appointment makes English the new acting director.

Donald Трамп is expected to name someone unqualified and slimy to fill the post. Possible candidates include Kid Rock, the corpse of Leona Helmsley, and the J.P. Moneybags character from Monopoly.


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McClatchy report details alleged Manafort flights to Russia, Ukraine

Turkey ‘very happy’ as U.S. stops arming Kurds in Syria

Consumer watchdog agency’s future uncertain amid leadership fight


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