Republicans in the House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday that loosened gun regulations, allowing people with concealed carry gun permits to to legally travel with those firearms to other states that restrict those permits.

House Republicans are planning to commemorate the Sandy Hook massacre by passing a bill allowing registered gun owners to use children for target practice.


Los Angeles will become the nation’s largest city with recreational pot after the City Council voted Wednesday to license sales next year.

Los Angeles City Council will vote next year to extend the licenses if they can remember to vote.


Florida man Michael Wolfe is going to prison for breaking into a mosque and leaving a slab of raw bacon.

Wolfe will serve 15 years in state prison, followed by 15 years probation, followed by 15 years of side eye from most Americans for wasting perfectly good bacon on racism.


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House passes bill loosening gun restrictions

L.A. to become largest U.S. city with legal recreational marijuana

Bacon used in hate crime: Man gets 15 years in mosque vandalism


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