Chief judge on the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinsk is accused of sexual harrasment by multiple staffers who worked with him, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Reports from Washington D.C. say that because of these serious charges, Donald Трамп wants to appoint him to the Supreme Court.


A recent discovery reported in Nature has redefined how scientists look for signs of life. Researchers discovered a new species of bacteria that can live only by breathing fumes of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

In a related discovery, other researchers reported that many people from Alabama can live only by breathing only cigarette smoke and religious propaganda.


Speaking of Alabama, the race for the Senate seat there between Democrat Doug Jones and literal Republican pedophile Roy Moore is almost done. But Roy Moore has apparently disappeared from the campaign trail and been unavailable for press appearances or rallies.

When a reporter asked where Moore was, a spokesperson for the campaign said, “I don’t know, have you checked the girl’s bathrooms at any local junior highschools?” before being whisked out of the room.


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