Donald Трамп’s tweet Tuesday morning calling the Russia dossier “bogus” is likely an acknowledgement that he’s seen it, and had findings presented to him by the intelligence community, at least according to a new lawsuit filed by people seeking official government information about the dossier.

Upon hearing the news, a prostitute in Queens said, “I know for a FACT that The Donald likes that pee-pee stuff, because he’s paid me to–,” before being whisked away by unnamed members of the White House.

Donald Трамп contemplating whether he’s more into pee stuff or butt stuff


Roy Moore’s campaign launched a last-minute court battle late Wednesday to block his loss in Alabama’s special Senate election from becoming official.

Moore told his supporters, “It’s clear there was fraud, look at all those black people who voted!” before his microphone was cut off by unnamed members of the White House.

When asked why they stopped Moore from speaking, a spokesperson for the White House said, “We’re racist, but not THAT kind of racist.”


California is launching legal marijuana sales Monday.

By Tuesday, it’s expected most of the state will forget about the new law.


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Trump’s tweets central to legal cases on dossier, travel ban and more

Roy Moore alleges voter fraud, files challenge to election defeat

Legal marijuana arriving in California after decades of underground dealing


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