In hindsight, most reporters should’ve known there was something nefarious about George Papadapoulos because of the HYDRA bling he insisted on wearing. 

Speaking of Russialago, it looks like the whole Trump Russia affair began with Trump advisor George Papadopoulos, when he told Australian diploma, Alexander Downer during a meeting in London in May 2016 that Russia had thousands of emails that would embarrass Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Downer is Australia’s top diplomat in Britain.

Donald Трамп denies the claim, and said his affair with Putin began at least ten years ago.


South Korea has seized an oil-tanker from Panama that was attempting to sell oil to North Korea. This is the second ship that the South Korean government has caught attempting to evade UN sanctions.

Aides say that Donald Трамп will comment after he gets permission from Vladimir Putin.


In Houston, Texas, police arrested a man they say was found with several guns and ammunition in his Hyatt Regency hotel room downtown. He was drunk and harassing other guests prior to his arrest and the discovery of the arsenal. It looked like he was planning to shoot people at the Hyatt during their New Year’s Eve celebration.

Texas officials were pretty sure he was in ISIS, until they decided the potential shooter was a crazy loner because he’s a white guy.


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South Korea seizes second ship amid North Korea sanctions row

Papadopoulos brag to Australian diplomat was key factor in FBI’s Russia probe: report

Man found with guns, ammunition in Houston hotel room


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