Senator Chuck Grassley says that four of the seven memos former FBI director James Comey wrote memorializing his interactions with Donald Трамп contained classified information marked at the “secret” or “confidential” levels.

Comey testified in June that he gave some of his memos to a Columbia University professor and that he had written the memos specifically to avoid including classified information.

When asked for comment, a White House aide said, “The memos make it look like Donald Трамп is a dummy, and everyone knows that’s classified because–” before they were quickly whisked away by agents of HYDRA.


A new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” by Michael Wolff contains staggering quotes from former Трамп campaign officials, including Steve Bannon who said a meeting of campaign officials with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower was “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

Трамп denied Bannon’s claim, telling reporters, “He left out PROFITABLE, which is the most important thing! We’re making so much money, buy a hat!”


AT&T says it will launch mobile 5G in a dozen U.S. markets late this year, staking the claim that it expects to be the first U.S. carrier to offer such blazing speeds to phones.

When asked for further comment clarifying how fast 5G would be, AT&T was unable to answer due to buffering.


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